Using Compelis Account


Compelis is an online competitor price tracking and analysis tool designed to help you understand your competitors’ price strategies and take swift actions accordingly.

It allows you to track, compare and analyze market prices if your competitors sell identical or same products. But, of course, you are also selling or independently a particular product price that you are interested in.

Add Products and Associate Competitor Products

Before you can generate and analyze reports using modules on the Compelis dashboard, you must first define a product. Compelis is designed to provide you the easiest and most reliable experience where you can define your and associated competitor products.

You will effortlessly define the product you want to compare with your competitors’ products with near real-time price change alerts and quickly identify and associate competing product URLs.

Compelis gives you the ability to define products in four different ways, flexibility that other analytics tools don’t have with the highest success rate in the number of readable URLs, which has been our key success metric.

To learn about adding a product and associate with competitor products, read our tutorial Add Product

You can define your products,

  • Directly on the dashboard by copy-past of each product URL where most sites are publishing their product prices, and we can collect them for you in a single action
  • If your site or any of your competitors’ sites are not posting product prices, then you can select the product price from the displayed product page view
  • Or, you can also use our Chrome extension for an even more straightforward selection process
  • If none of these works, you can always statically add your products with a manual product add function and associate your competitor products with monitoring to compare with your product price.

Competitor Product Definition and Association with Your Product

Once you define your product, all that’s left is to enter the URL of your competitor’s product page. It’s as simple as that.

There is no waiting time for receiving competitor product data in a few days. If the connection has been correctly established, you see the results in 30 seconds and start collecting data. Right away! Compelis gives you a very convenient and easy-to-use interface. To learn how to add and associate competitor products under your products, please read our tutorial Add Competitor

Price Changes and Notifications

Once you define your product and associate competitor products under your product, prices start to be monitored, and historical data builds up with every price collection transection. This process is fully managed and maintained by Compelis advanced software technology and shows you all the changes within the periods you specify. In addition, if you wish, it will send you automated alerts within the terms and rules you have set. To learn more about alerts and notifications, read our tutorial Alerts and Notifications

Problem Solving and Product Editing Mechanisms

As with all price tracking software, you may not see all the information you want about the products you have defined in the process. This is very normal as the target website of the competitor product you are following may not allow sharing information such as price, brand, and category in time, or the target web page of the competitor product may have changed the addresses of the channels you have previously defined.

Compelis offers you two different ways to fix these problems and add missing information back in the monitoring process. To learn about how to find and edit products read our tutorial Edit  Products

Understanding and Analyzing the Reports

Compelis offers you many valuable tools to evaluate your products and pricing strategy and take immediate proper actions in a competitive environment.

It has a price matrix that you can review reports in many categories such as brand, category, competitor, and filtering mechanisms to reach deeper analysis metrics. To learn more about reports and analysis, read our tutorial