Notifications Management

In this tutorial, you will find the information regarding the notifications related to the price changes and the management of these notifications.

To view and manage your notifications, please click  “Notifications” button.

On this page, you will find the notifications sent to you with their dates and times and how many of them you have already read.

By clicking the related tabs,

you may filter your notifications based on the “Unread Products”, “Price Changes”

and “Price Thresholds”.

1-You may filter your messages based on a keyword by typing in Search Notification section

2-mark all visible notifications as “read”, or delete all visible notifications.

3-Compelis will send you all price related notifications by default. You can pause or restart the receipt of notifications by clicking related buttons.

If you would like to receive the notifications as email, you should enable the email category by clicking the related button. Compelis does not send notification emails by default. If you would like to receive them, you need to activate email option.