Manual Editing

Product Editing and Problem Solving

In some cases, and after some time you may see that Compelis cannot collect all the information including the price information from some product URLs or there may be changes to the information of products that have already been added and have been successfully processed.

This kind of operational problems may occur when the website of the product you are monitoring does not automatically share information such as price, brand, category, or may have changed the addresses of the “data address channels” that you have previously defined. Simply the URL of the page might have been changed, or the location of the price on the page might have been changed.  

Here are the list of scenarios you will encounter in case of data extraction failures from such product pages;

Problem Scenario:  Page not found!

Description: The registered address of the product may have changed or the product at the address you entered may have been removed from sale.

Solution/Recommendation: The product registered to the defined address is no longer available and will not be reported in the Compelis system. If the product page no longer exists, you can delete it or enter the new URL of the product by editing an existing product.

Problem:  Price Cannot Be Read!

Description: Indicated by a red dot on the product line in the products page of the dashboard, it is very easy to identify such products with unread data. If the registered URL of the product has not changed, the website at the address you defined may have stopped sharing automatic price information, blocked access, or changed the “data address” where the price information was shared.

Another reason may be that the page structure of a product defined earlier was changed during a temporary campaign insert in the page such as an advertisement banner or an additional discount was defined and caused structural changes on the page, or simply the page template was changed with a new look. Any change on the page may cause such a result.

Solution: In case there has been a structural change on the product page, you can always edit the product and redefine the price, product information location on the page.

We offer two different methods so that you can easily fix this problem and add missing information.  See Editing  with  Extension  or Manual Editing.

Problem:  Missing Information!

Description: The website of the product you added during product definition process may not be sharing information automatically. Information such as the name, category, brand of the product is not automatically read.

Solution: We offer two different methods so that you can easily fix this problem and add missing information back into collection process. See Editing  with  Extension  or Manual Editing

Editing Using Compelis Chrome Extension

Compelis Chrome Extension can also be used for updating the “data address channels” of your non-data-receiving products through the actual address at which the product is sold.

We have developed a very useful and simple approach for you.

You need to download compelis Chrome Extension, which is a small add-on for Google’s Chrome Browser. Download link is here: link*****

How to install an add-in

If you have the Compelis extension installed on your Chrome browser,  you must open the product in a new tab by clicking on the title of the product that has missing information. You may locate all your products in the dashboard products page by using advanced filtering and search options.

When the product page opens in the new tab, you can click the  extension icon at the top right to open the add-on.  

You must be logged into your compelis dashboard account to open the extension. .

If you are already logged in, extension will be opened for your authorized usage.

Click the red button next to the information field you want to collect

You just need to select the text you want to receive information about on the product page.

You can also add product images with the same method for the main product, this option will not appear for competitor products as they are all associated to the main product.

Some prices can be bi-parted. So, it’s okay. Click on the “split” button so you can collect the price in dollars and cents in two pieces. 

After collecting the information you need, you can update the product and check it on the dashboard by pressing the “Update  product” button.

Manual Editing

For manual editing, you should click on the blue edit button at the right most side of the product line you want to edit.  

You can manually make all the changes to the product definitions on the screen that will open, such as category, brand, group info.

You can also manually change the name and price of the product on this screen, but this may differ from the actual information on the product page and it will become a static data with no further updates.

You can easily edit or redefine the your product by clicking on the “Collect Price From Web Site” button and getting the dynamic/real information on the actual page of the product you want to edit.

1-For this purpose, clicking on the ” Collect Price from Web Site” button, and the actual product page will be opened as Compelis sees it in a window. This view may not be always perfect due to CSS file properties of the product page, but all the necessary product information is there. Most of the cases it loads up as the original page but if it is difficult to read it by human eye, we suggest you use the Chrome extension which is always more convenient as it uses the real page view loaded on your Chrome browser.

On this page, just like the Chrome extension, we have developed a very useful and simple approach for you in case you do not use Chrome browser.

2-Click the button next to that input field box to collect the information from web page.

3-And just select the information on the live product page.

It’s as simple as that!

4-Once you have collected the information you want, you will need to confirm the changes by clicking on the “Update Product” Button.

Now we know what you want to monitor. Our robots will continue monitoring this information for you.