Competitor Management

In this tutorial, you fill find the information on how to define and manage your competitors.

To manage your categories, please click “Competitors” menu item which is under “Management” menu option on your main menu.

The Competitors section details all the competitors already defined while competitor products have been added. It will also show the number of products assigned to each competitor.

You may filter the competitor with assigned products

or competitors defined but no products assigned.

This may happen if you define a competitor manually rather than without assigning to any competitor product, or if you delete a competitor product from Products management section.

Once you clear your filters, you will see the complete list again.

Compelis Dashboard will not allow you to delete a competitor, if there are any assigned products. If you would like to delete such competitor, you must transfer the products assigned to it to another defined competitor, as described below. A competitor without any assigned products can be deleted.

For each competitor product you associate with your products, Compelis keeps two separate records for the “Marketplace” the product is published on and the “Competitor” itself. If the web page you add your competitor from shares the information for the “seller”, the domain where the product is published is registered as marketplace and the name of the seller is recorded as the competitor. If the web site does not share the seller information, then the domain information is registered as the marketplace and the competitor.

You may always edit the “Competitor” name manually by editing your product.

Marketplace is always the domain name of the web page and cannot be changed.

You can always edit a competitor’s name,

or easily create a new competitor.

Some web domains may publish products under different subdomains (e.g. www.mysite.com, products.mysite.com and mobile.mysite.com). When you add products from these different domains, the competitors for these products will be registered as their domain name if you do not specify a competitor. You may want to make your competitor analysis considering all such domains as one competitor.

Additionally, sometimes, there may be typing mistakes while defining a competitor. Such typing mistakes will cause Compelis to interpret these competitor products as different competitors even though they are the same entity.

It is very easy to fix these scenarios.

Transfer products to a different competitor

By clicking the transfer products button and follow the instruction in the popup, you can consolidate the competitor products under one competitor.

Click on the transfer button  on the line of the competitor of which you would like to transfer the products from.

From the dropdown list in the popup window, chose the competitor you would like to transfer these products to.

If you like, approve the deletion of the competitor whose products will be transferred.

The job is done! The products are transferred.

If any of your competitors make sales on different marketplaces, you do not need to do anything extra while adding your competitor products. We will show this information on Competitors section.