Brands & Categories

In this tutorial, you will find the essential information on how you can manage your brands and categories.

Compelis facilitates you to define properties for each product and their associated competitor products. This additional information may be defined during the addition of the product using Compelis Dashboard or Compelis Chrome Extension.

Some of this additional information is required and some optional. Category based information, which consists of “Product Group”, “Product Category”, “Brand” and “Brand Group” are optional. When they are defined, however, such additional information gives you more flexible and comprehensive reporting options.

To manage your categories, please click “Categories & Brands” which is under “Management” menu option on your main menu.

Properties of category and brand management functions are classified under for tabs.


Each tab details the number of active products and lists all categories or brands under related property. 

You may delete the category items individually

or in bulk.

You may also rename the category or brand.

If you wish to add a new category or brand, you may simply type in the name and click “ADD NEW” button.