Add Product

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add your product before defining the competing product URLs you want to track and associate them with your product. In Compelis, you can define products in several different ways.

1- Basic product definition

Click on the “Add New Product” button on the Compelis Dashboard under the dashboard “Products” menu,

and you should paste the link you copied from the address bar of the product page you want to add to the input field. Then, press the green button to add your new product.

Compelis robot software will quickly reach the address of the product you want to add and start its research. You will see the newly added product line in the products list during the information collection process, as illustrated below. The hourglass means that the product is still in the process of being processed. 

This process results in two different ways;

The product was added without any problems! Compelis software has reached out to the product and has lined up to receive an update record.

If the information is defined, it will automatically read the name, category, brand, and price of that product for you and add it to your list of products.

The product could not be added!

The address you entered for the product you want to add is incorrect, or the website at the address you entered may not share automatic price information. But, don’t worry, we still have a few ways to make things right.

2- Add product using the Compelis Chrome Extension

Another method is to “add easy products” with our Chrome extension, for which you need to download a small add-on,  Compelis Chrome Extension, from the Google Chrome Web Store .

How to install the Compelis Chrome Extension

If your Chrome browser has the Compelis extension installed, you should open the product you want to list in a Chrome browser tab.  After the product page opens, click on the extension icon   at the top right to open it.

You must be logged into your Compelis dashboard account to be able to open the extension.

If you are already logged in, the extension will detect it and open it.

Here we have developed a straightforward and helpful approach for you.

Click the red button next to the information type you want to collect data from the web page.

You need to select the text you want to receive information about on the product page.

You can also add product images with the same method for the main product, this option will not appear for competitor products as they are all associated to the main product.

Some prices can be bi-parted. So it’s okay. Click on the “split” button so you can collect the price in dollars and cents in two pieces.

After collecting all the information, you can add the product and check it on the dashboard by pressing the “add new product” button.

3- Add a static product

You may be a distributor of a product not doing any direct sales. Still, you may want to define your products with minimum and maximum price thresholds to monitor your seller’s market prices for MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) compliancy rules you have specified.

You can add static products with these definitions and associate your seller’s products to this product as competitor products. We will immediately inform you when the MAP rules are breached and when your sellers make price changes within the defined thresholds.

After clicking the “Add Product Manually” button on the Compelis Dashboard Products page under the Products menu item, you should enter the basic product information you want to define.

Then you may add your competitors’ or resellers’ products associated with this product in the usual way, and you can define the min and max price thresholds that you want to keep track of.