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Compelis yazılımını daha iyi anlamanız ve kullanım kolaylığını yaşamanız için size rehberlik edecek videolar hazırladık.

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Compelis paketlerini kullanırken veya bir paket almak üzere olan müşterilerimizin tüm sorularının yanıtları için bir rehber.

Compelis is an online, easy to use competitor price tracking and analysis tool designed to help you understand your competitors’ price strategies and take swift actions accordingly.  

It follows the price changes made by your competitors and notifies you of such changes. It also provides you the historical data of your and your competitors’ product prices to enable you to analyze your market position and historical trends. 

The product definition structure of Compelis enables online distributors to MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) rules monitoring for their retailers. 

Please check our 2 minutes video to see the advantages of our system that you may find at this link.

Any small, medium or large size company, brand, manufacturer and online distributor or retailer, who would like to monitor and compare product prices with instant price change alerts. Compelis is the most advanced tool in the market providing whole feature set to define your pricing strategies in the most efficient way.

We would be glad to. Please send us a list of maximum 30 of your products in the online template file. We will define those products in your trial package. Also, if you send us a list of competitors that you would like to monitor, we will define their products and associate them to your products for your market position analysis. Please click to download the template file to send us the information. 

The number of web sites you can monitor are unlimited. However, the maximum number of URL’s (product pages) you can monitor differs based on the service package you subscribe to. Please click here to see our price plans. 

  • Our support department is available via online chat tool, or,
  • You may always send us an email at support@compelis.com. We will get back to you within 12hours depending on you time-zone. 

Yes. Compelis has a Trial Package that is fully functional and supports up to 100 URLs for 30 days. Please click here to register. 

No. Compelis does not request your credit card information for registering to Trial Package. 

Compelis uses Chargebee and Stripe payment gateways to manage your payments and supports payments with all credit card types. 

Compelis has strict security and privacy policies protecting your personal data compliant with GDPR privacy guidelines and Compelis never keeps any payment method related data (credit card information, billing address, tax number) on its systems. All payment method related data is stored and protected by chargebee.com and stripe.com payment gateways. 


Kredi kartınızı kullanarak veya Paypal ile çevrimiçi ödeme yapabilirsiniz. Ayrıca, havale (banka havalesi) ile ödeme yapabilirsiniz. 

Essential Package monitors 1,000 product pages (number of URLs) with a historical data available for 6 months, and 4 daily price updates. 

Professional Package monitors 10,000 product pages (number of URLs) with a historical data available for 12 months, and 4 daily price updates. 

Premium Package monitors 25,000 product pages (number of URLs) with a historical data available for 36 months, and 4 daily price updates. 

Platinum Package monitors 50,000 product pages (number of URLs) with unlimited historical data , and 4 daily price updates. 

Please click here to see our pricing plans. 

No. All you need to do is to copy the URL (web site address) of the product you would like to monitor and paste it into the related box in Compelis. We will do the rest for you. 

Total number of URLs are calculated by multiplying the number of products you would like to monitor with number of competitor products you want to associate with each of your product. 

Main criteria of all service packages are based on the number of URLs you will monitor. Total number of URLs are calculated by multiplying the number of products you would like to monitor with number of competitor products you want to associate with each of your product. 

Your subscription is billed monthly. You may cancel your Compelis  subscription anytime without any cancellation charge. Once you cancel your subscription, your service will be available until the day your last payment covers. 

No. They cannot. All the price collection is done by Compelis servers without leaving any trace of the original requester. Therefore no information about you will be passed to the competitors web servers. 

Yes. Compelis facilitates you to montiro if your dealers/distributors comply with their MAP agreementsBy setting up price threshold alerts, you will be notified who does not comply with your pricing guidelines. 

Yes. You can customize our standard reports and export the results to MS Excel. 

Yes. Compelis supports the XML and Tab Delimited Text formats supported by Google. You may upload your products uploading the same file . 

Yes. If your competitor’s web site publishes more than one price for the same product on the product URL you may monitor these different prices separately, provided that these prices are published on different locations on the competitor’s product URL. 

Yes. We have prepared a summary tutorial and short training videos that explain how you use Compelis Dashboard and Chrome Extension, how you define and monitor competitor products, and how to setup reporting mechanisms that enables to to decide on your pricing strategy. 

Please click here to access to our Compelis Help Center. Should you prefer an on line demo, please contact us with your company information on info@compelis.com. Our support team will get in touch with you. 

We read your competitors’ prices 4 times a day When we detect a price change published by a competitor on the product URL you monitor, we will notify you with an email.

We read your competitors’ prices 4 times a day. When we detect a price change published by a competitor on the product URL you monitor, we will notify you with an email. 

You can decide whether you wish to receive email notifications. You may configure and filter your email notification to receive emails for certain products or products categories. 

You may also monitor price changes on the notifications section of your Compelis Dashboard. 

Yes. Like the price changes, Compelis will notify you if any of your competitors removes the product from their web site, or does not publish any price due to stock unavailability. These notifications will be displayed on the Notifications section of Compelis Dashboard. Additionally, there will be a warning mark (red dot) on the Products page. 

Yes. You can access to your dashboard using the browser installed on your mobile and tablet. We have prepared a mobile competible version of Compelis Dashboard. 

We have developed several methods to collect the information from different web servers. Whilst there are some web servers that categorically blocks such traffic, we have devised mechanisms to overcome a vast majority of these blockages.  

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